Branded is a new service offered by Seven Ink Design focused on working with families, individuals and couples to uncover their brand and share it with the world.

We know everyone already has a brand, so we work with our clients to identify what that brand is, then design a logo to visually communicate it. 

That is what a ‘brand’ is. A ‘brand’ is who you are and what you stand for. In business, one way companies explain their brand is through a logo. Through strategic design, companies create thoughtful, unique logos that scream to the world: This is me; this is what I’m all about!  

So why not brand yourself? Or your family? Or your event? Why not have your own family logo or personal logo that tells the world who you are.  

Through graphic design Seven Ink Design can help you uncover your brand and share it with the world. You can make a first impression before meeting anyone – and be in control of that impression.

Just like in business, we know that in a world full of ordinary, you’ve got to be different to stand out.

Think Strategic. Look Unique. Be Extraordinary. We are here to make it happen for you.